“Why am i like this?”

A new day will start, life is full of surprises everyday but it always ended just like the same.

How did i end up like this? i really don’t know what i will do next or what am i supposed to do with life? a lot of questions without answer.

I used to be a joyful one, loud talker, happy laugher,but when i am alone and look at the mirror?i don’t know who am i. They always say that a happy one can always come up a solution to they’re problems, i don’t think so. Covering face with a smile just to pretend of not hurting inside.

I am a “the best” to those who are asking for my help when i with them, but how did it really happened that i don’t have anyone who got my back when i need them? how? why?😥

This is eating me inside, everytime i think is causing me pain, i want to talk but i cannot, i want to shout but i can’t. Can someone give me a reason to extend this everyday? Can i give myself a reason to wake up?Can i?

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